Calendar Advertising is Very Effective

The Benefits

Why You Should Advertise with Calendars!
  • Calendars have sales power. No other medium influences the buying decision the way calendar advertising does. 85% of homes and 83% of businesses purchase products or services from the advertiser who supplied them with a calendar.

  • Calendars are personal. Calendars become part of your daily routine. 65% of homes and 57% of businesses said they use calendars for appointments and record keeping.

  • Calendars are economical. The distribution is controlled by the advertiser. 90% of recipients remembered the advertising on the calendars they received.

  • Calendars are appreciated. They build goodwill. It becomes a symbol of the company's friendly image and their customers will come just to get "their" calendar.

  • Calendars build awareness. People see and use their calendars many times a day. Costed out over 365 days, the cost per advertising impression is just pennies per day.

  • Calendars are a necessity. Everyone needs one or wants one.

  • Calendars have gift value. Because of their usefulness, calendars are considered gifts. 82% of households enjoy receiving advertising calendars and more than 70% recalled the advertiser and message on their calendar. Your advertising message is welcomed in homes and offices where other forms of advertising are not accepted.

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